Monday, May 17, 2010

Troy's physical therapist came in this morning while I was in there visiting with him and did some therapeutic range of motion movements on Troy's arms, legs, and feet. While the therapist was working on his arms he opened his eyes again! It was just a stare, he wasn't really looking at anything in particular but it was a good thing to see (at least for me!!). I, of course, got in his range of vision and was talking to him, he didn't focus on me, but I hope he could see me, or at least hear me :)

The bone doctor also came in today and gave the "go" to get Troy out of the bed and ready for therapy. All that is left now is the Rehab doctor to give his approval for therapy; he needs to ensure that Troy's brain and other organs are in stable enough condition to withstand the therapy he will need to do in the coming weeks. The therapists don't want to hurt him so they need to make sure all the doctor's agree that he is stable enough to start therapy. They haven't started the neuro stimulating medicines yet either, that's another thing the rehab doctor will have to give Troy clearance on so that the nurses can start giving him that, as well.

They started feeding Troy through the feeding tube again this morning, but had to take it back out this evening because he is not moving bowels and processing the food quick enough. His nurse says that it could be because of the brain injury and the fact that the brain stem controls digestion. They will have to revisit Troy's feeding with the doctor's again tomorrow and try to figure out another way to feed him. Right now they have him on potassium chloride which is liquids to keep his levels stable until they can give him the protein drink by IV like they have been.

I put his iPod and set it to play his lyrical theology music in his ear tonight. He looked so peaceful and calm, I didn't have the heart to take it out of his ear, so when it was time for me to leave I left it there and asked the nurse to please leave it in his ear as long as possible. She agreed. I can sleep easier tonight knowing he's listening to his favorite Christian rap music.

I do have to admit the walk back to the room was the longest short walk I have taken in a long time. I am getting rest while I'm here, I am eating regularly (or at least trying) but I can't get this ache out of my heart. The ache of missing my husband and the ache of missing my children. I do know that God is the reason why I am still standing. Without Him I don't know what shape I would be in right now.

I also appreciate all the prayers, texts, thoughts, and comments on my Facebook page. I might not reply to all of them everytime, but I do read them from time to time and they definitely are very encouraging.

I also received a card for Troy today from the "Blue Knights" (a local motorcycle club that knows Troy back home). That was very sweet! I will pin that up on his wall tomorrow. If any of the Blue Knights are reading these blogs I want to thank you for the card. It put a smile on my face and I know it will put a smile on Troy's face when he wakes up :)

Let's keep praying!


  1. all of us at armadillo reds, and all of our families have been by troy, and his loved ones side in thought and prayer. we all know his strength beliefs and will to be there for his family, and he will be.

  2. Blue Knights FL XXIXMay 18, 2010 at 10:21 PM

    I know I speak for the entire Chapter when I say it sounds like prayers are being answered although not as quickly as everyone would like. We'll continue to keep Troy on our prayer line until he is back home with his family.
    Ken O'Reilly, President
    Blue Knights FL Chaper XXIX

  3. Thank you for the prayers and thoughts. This is all going to happen when it's the right time. I miss my children and my home... I miss my husband, but I am also grateful he is still alive and with me. This could have been so much worst than it is now. I remain faithful and hopeful that God will do his Holy will in His own time.

    Thanks for the encouragement!! Joan