Thursday, May 13, 2010

Troy has been pretty stable but for the past 2 days his heart rate and fever have been really high. Today his HR is at 132 - 142 and his fever has been at 102 degrees all day. They started him on antibiotics for that today. The reports came back that he has a staph infection. (Obviously picked it up in the ICU here! I'm here with him everyday...ugh! Makes me want to bathe in hand sanitizer and gargle with alcohol! LOL.)

I was notified today that we are flying to Shephard's Center in GA tomorrow. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. I get to fly with him so that's great. I can continue my vigil by his side with no interruptions or me having to drive 6 hours worrying about him. But, on the downside - just when things were becoming routine, there is another change. I guess this will be our lives for a while so might as well roll with the punches and get used to it.

Troy opened his eyes TWICE today! This morning when I got here they were moving him from his bed to a recliner that sits by the bed. Well, the nurses picked him up from the bed and sat him down while I was standing at the end of the bed and he opened his eyes! They weren't opened all the way, nor was he really looking at anything, and frankly, his eyes looked really it was progress and I feel blessed for being able to witness it. He did it twice!

Nurse says don't get hopes high because that is just reflexes, but witnessing that (even if just a reflex) made my day today! Praise God!

He's still breathing on his own; it's been 24 hours now so that's a good sign.

Busy day tomorrow :)

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