Sunday, May 16, 2010


I'm writing a bit early today because I wanted to post the recent update as soon as possible. While Troy's cousin and best friend were in the room with him today Troy opened his eyes and kept them open for a little bit. I was just told that he actually opened his eyes and rolled them around and was looking at Shanda's shirt. When I was in there from 2 to 4pm today he didn't open his eyes. But, I'm waiting until I am allowed back into his room at 7:30pm to see if he'll continue to open his eyes.

Also, this morning while his mom was talking to him he seemed to be blinking his eyes on command. He didn't blink every time, but she would ask him "If you can hear me, blink." and he would. It was pretty exciting to watch. The doctor's might say that's reflexes, but the nurses are telling us to keep talking to him because he can hear us. So, we've been talking with him and while I'm not in the room I have his iPod in his ears playing his favorite music.

God continues to show His glory through Troy. Every day that Troy is with us is comforting and I know God is with Troy. On the way down here Troy's mom stopped at a restaurant to get food and while talking with the cashier, on the reason for their traveling to GA, the cashier took Troy's name to add him to the prayer list at his church. It's amazing how many people are praying for him and I know prayer has power! I continue to pray that God continues to do His will!

I appreciate all the prayers and concerns! We are going to get through this.


  1. God is taking Troy through this recovery process and I believe God ..what some may call reflexes are his movements because God is moving through Him. Medical expertise never outweighs the power of God.God is moving by His power and the prayers that are going up for Troy are being answered by God....We are continually praying and continually lifting him up and arranging a time to come you..

  2. So good to read this update! He is being healed in His own time! Constantly in my prayers!


  3. This is awesome news Joan!!! We are praying for Troy and the entire Walker family. God is awesome and he is going to take care of Troy!!! He is going to be a living testimony for us all!!!!!

    Monica(your neighbor)

  4. I am so glad to hear about this!! You are in our prayers all the time. We love you guys!

    Crystie, David and Aiden

  5. Joan and Girls,
    You don't know me, but I now know you and Troy and your girls. My husband takes his motorcycles to Brian's shop for work, Troy may have even worked on them. Anyway, Brian told my husband about Troy. Our prayers are with you and your whole family. I will add Troy and you to my prayer list and ask friends of mine to remember all of you as well. Ther is another website you can go onto called Carebridge, you can post blogs there everyday and e-mail updates will be sent to anyone who wants them, they just have to go on and sign up. I found out about it through a friend who's son is recovering from cancer. His wife posted on Carebridge and we all got the e-mail notices of update. God Bless you and Troy and may his hand touch Troy's and heal him.