Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update for Week of 9/20 - 9/24

Spoke with the Counselor on Friday about Troy's recovery and goals for the next few weeks.

We had some concerns with Troy because he has been really depressed lately and really doubting himself and his reason for being here. His family, his friends and I have been talking with him trying to keep him encouraged, but his brain, as it heals, is also backfiring and sending signals to his emotions that are very confusing. So, to help him get through this healing phase the doctor's have prescribed an anti-depressant for him. They had originally started him on 10mg, but since it doesn't seem to be helping and he has gained some weight they are having to look at the dose again and possibly up the dose a bit more. The medicine will balance the neurotransmitters which will help with the transmitting of information from his brain to the rest of his body.

In the meantime, the counselor asks that we validate what he says. Not just try to blow it off. Validate it by acknowledging what he's going through and how he must feel, but not dwell on the fact and not encourage the feelings. He's also been getting stuck on thoughts, emotions, feelings. To help him through this the counselor also suggested that when he keeps repeating over and over a certain topic to change the conversation and distract him in anyway possible. So far, this has been working just fine.

She assured me that this phase can be brief and, after a while, he will stop being stuck on certain topics and emotions. In the meantime, we are to empower him by telling him he's still a father that needs to raise his children and that he's still a husband that needs to be there for his wife. By empowering him, it gives him something to focus on and to channel the frustrations he goes through in the right direction by giving him something to work towards.

Also spoke with the physical therapist and she advised me that Troy is making good progress and gaining increased strength in his legs. He is walking 230 feet with a front wheeled walker with 5lb weights on both sides of the walker and rear wheel brakes to provide some resistance (drag) on the back of the walker which slows the walker down. He is able to walk with therapist providing 25% of the assistance and he can do the rest. He still has difficulty with his right leg crossing over the leg but with verbal reminders he is able to correct the step. The crossing over of the leg has to do with his brain not sending the correct message to the ride side of his body and he forgets how to step with that leg. It will take time as the neurons repair themselves and get themselves back to where he can walk straight without a problem or without forgetting his leg is there and taking steps the way he's supposed to.

Troy also has been complaining about his vision. He is convinced that he has astigmatism and that's why he sees double and blurry. The occupational therapist advised me that they have given Troy some exercises to do with his eyes to help correct some of this and if in 6 months after the accident (November 1st) he still has this problem, they will, at that time, call in an optometrist to look him over and prescribe glasses, if needed.

In other OT news, he is really working diligently towards his goals. He is compliant with the splint wearing schedule of the new splint OT has fabricated to help maintain range of motion in his right wrist/hand. He is performing self range of motion exercises, strengthening tasks, and working with his emerging range of motion in his right upper extremity. Last Thursday, he initiated using the computer to make a list of tips and reminders to recall ways to increase independence when he is bathing.

All the therapists' tell me he is such a hard worker and a joy to work with in therapy.

Please continue the prayers for his recovery and that he continues to heal and become closer to the Troy we all know and love! I remain faithful and prayerful that God will continue to do His holy will. The timing is all perfect, so far, and everything is falling into place as it should.

To God be all the glory! Thanks to everyone for your continued support :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Discharge Date Set for Pathways

Troy has been doing really well at Pathways. He's taken on to the new staff and has been doing really well getting along with the other patients there. He did have a personality conflict with his "home care" nurse, so I had to call and have someone else come out to be with him today, but so far, he's been happy with the new nurse.

I received an email letting me know that Troy's discharge date at Pathways is set for 11/26/2010. So, as of right now, that will be his day to come home and he will then fall into another step-down therapy session, but he will be living at home and just doing therapy on an outpatient basis, where I will have to drive him to his therapy sessions. At that point, I don't know if he'll still be with Shepherd or if they will find a facility closer to the house.

At that point, we'll see what happens. The workers' comp case manager is advocating to keep him with the Shepherd therapy system so I'm happy about that. Shepherd has done so well with Troy and he has definitely come a long way!

God continues to heal him and bless our family. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and supports!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Our first weekend visit with Troy at Pathways

Well, Troy's first few days seemed to have gone well. He is a bit confused and agitated at times, but with a bit of persistence, patience, and love on my part and he responds and bounces back, fairly well. He is mostly disappointed at the fact that he can't come home with us. As much as we made it clear to him that at Pathways he would have to stay there during the week and only be able to come home on the weekends, after I went through some more training, he still doesn't understand it and doesn't like having to stay there AT ALL!

The staff is very nice and friendly and his home health care nurse are very good to him and he likes the constant company, even if he prefers me. He remains polite to everyone and now that I have given him his phone back, he calls me countless times through out the day. This is working out great though, because he can feel like he has me right by his side, even though, physically, I'm not able to there like I used to be.

So far, I haven't heard from the doctors and therapists this week on how his 2 days of therapy went, but I'm sure these days were just "getting to know" Troy days, so they won't have much to report anyway. I'm sure next Friday will be filled with all sorts of good news and new breakthroughs in his recovery.

Thanks to everyone for your patience this week as I went from a public page to a private page. This way, I can slowly start to integrate pictures of Troy and not feel like I'm putting his face out on the internet with no privacy filters, whatsoever!

The Walker family continues to remain grateful to everyone's support and I continue to remain faithful to God and can't wait to hear Troy's testimony!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Private Access

I have decided to make this blog private, and because of this I will ask that any information on this blog not be shared with the public. If you are reading this it's because Troy and I want to share his recovery journey with you.

I want to be able to come on here and write on the blog without feeling like I need to keep information out because I don't know who all is reading it.

I am here to advocate for Troy and his recovery and I would like to continue to share that and have something for Troy to read up on as he recovers.

My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Beginnings at Pathways

Well, this has been a very busy week for both Troy and myself. Troy has been doing his regular therapy and also preparing for his transition to Pathways, and I have been training on how to care for him when he gets his passes to come home on days or weekends at a time and going through transition phase myself.

Today was his move to Pathways. He did really well and while at Pathways, and meeting his therapists and counselor, Troy was full of questions and comments about his level of care and how much he wants to get better and what he wants them to do for him while he's there. I was very proud of him! There were only a handful of times I had to interject and give them the correct information because he either didn't remember or was giving them the wrong information because his memory had failed him.

Also, this facility is very strict with their privacy laws and protecting Troy's privacy, and because of this I will no longer get daily updates on his recovery, nor will they speak to anyone about Troy's condition over the phone or in person, except for Troy and myself since I'm his court appointed guardian. The therapists and doctors meet every Friday and at that time I will get a call with the update on Troy and how he's been doing for that week. I only mention this because we have all gotten used to the daily updates (except for recently because I've been slacking...LOL) so now I will update the blog every Friday, Lord willing, and let everyone know how he's doing. I look forward to getting those calls on Fridays, ALREADY! Weekly updates will be exciting and the changes will be way more significant since I'm not there every day now.

Finally, at around 5pm he was pooped and ready to get to bed. It was hard to say goodbye to him tonight, but I know he is in very good hands and will get the best care available to him. I was also at ease to see that his home care nurse was there for part of the day and got acclimated with him, as well, before I left. That definitely made me leaving him there a bit easier.

I know this is a step in the right direction for him and although I will not be able to visit with him 7 days a week, like I have been doing since the accident, I know that this is a blessing in disguise for both of us. For Troy because he's recovering well enough Shepherds feels he will benefit from the outpatient therapy, and good for me because I will now be forced to dedicate more time to my school work, tending to the house and being a full time mommy again to my girls. So, in retrospect, this is sort of a healing time for both Troy and I.

I want to thank everyone for all the support and prayers we have gotten in these past four months. I can type for DAYS on how grateful I am to each and everyone of you reading this blog and keeping up with us as we embark in this journey of healing, blessings and miracles.

I also need to add that I have told Troy about the blog and have read some of the posts to him. He has broken down in tears every time I have told him how many people are praying for him and how many people have been there to help me and the girls get through this difficult time. He specifically asked me to extend his most sincere gratitude and to let everyone know that logs on here to read about him, how he is extremely moved by all the prayers and support!

I will, though, take this opportunity to request that you please pray that God provides me with a reliable and wheelchair-friendly mode of transportation. To give a little background on our current situation, Troy's car currently has 213,000 miles on it and, although my father in law is going to do some patching up repairs to it for me next week, the Honda is on it's last legs. I pray that God provides the means for me to purchase an SUV or a van that can hold a fold up wheelchair and have enough room for Troy and the girls for when he gets his passes to come home in 3 or 4 weeks.

In the past four months, I have seen God's work firsthand and I know that prayer works, so if you would please pray for that, and/or email me at mayimba874@gmail.com if you know of any deals or any information that would help me, I would greatly appreciate it!

God is awesome and I know He will not let me down now that we've made it this far!

Thanks to all from Troy, Joan, Brianna, Tyra

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Overdue Update

Well, I have finally come to the conclusion that I need a secretary! LOL. OK, not really, but I definitely need more hours in the day to accomplish all I have put myself out to do.

Troy continues to do great and his memory is really starting to sharpen as the days go on. He is really working on honing his memorization skills and cooperating with therapy so that he can accomplish the best he can and continue to get better! Also, to help with his memory issues/gaps, I rubber-banded a small spiral notebook to his wheelchair, in which I have requested that the therapists' and nurses write anything in the book that Troy did throughout the day that would be nice for him to remember and when I'm there, I write my visits with him or who he spoke to on the phone or who came by to visit with him. That has really helped build his confidence so he doesn't feel like he's "losing" his mind and forgetting everything. He told me the other day "I feel like I'm losing my mind.", to which I replied "Aren't we all? I have the same notebook in my purse! See?" I showed him the "memory book" I have been carrying with me 24/7, since the accident, and he giggled. At least he knows he's not alone in being forgetful. LOL

He does continue to go through his moments of agitation and frustrations, at times, but I don't blame him one bit. I know if it were me in his shoes, I would probably be really frustrated too. He still gets a bit confused on why he has to take the medicines he does and why he can't just come home with me when I come to visit him. We continue to reassure him that Shepherd is there to help him and not keep him prisoner or punish him in any way. He has his good days and his bad days, but we all do; most of his days are good though so that's a blessing.

Troy is moving to Pathways on Wednesday, September 8th; this time it looks like the move is definite. The nurse case manager with Shepherd Center called me today to finalize all the steps needed to get him transported over and to schedule a time with me so that I can be there for the move. I am OVERLY excited because at Pathways, since it's an outpatient rehab center, he'll have passes to come home on weekends and evenings when not in therapy. During the week, he will reside there in the dorm because it would be more beneficial for him to remain there and get all the therapies he can and make better use of his time, instead of traveling an hour there and back every day.

The girls and I can not wait to have daddy with us - OUTSIDE hospital walls for the first time in a long time!

Sheesh, it's been over a week since I have updated the blog. I apologize for not staying on top of it more often, like I used to. The good thing is that Troy is continuing to progress and recovery and prayers are being answered!

Praise God!