Monday, May 24, 2010

Interesting Day!

Today was an interesting day. The girls and I arrived at Troy's room at around 9:30am. When we walked in the speech therapist was working with him so she immediately involved us in the therapy. When we got there and Troy heard Tyra and Brianna he opened his eyes, almost as if trying to find where they were. It was amazing to witness that! He was also moving his arms and his left foot a whole lot while we were there! I had Tyra and Brianna continue to talk to him and with him though out the morning. Tyra was scared at first because he was just staring she was unsure of what really was going on, but she quickly warmed up to him and was talking to him and rubbing his arm in no time. I even got her up leaning over his wheelchair so she could give him a hug. I think he really liked that :) Also, the other 2 therapists were very impressed with the way he was acting today. He definitely seemed more alert and more cooperative during therapy. All of which were very good signs and although he is still at a Rancho 2 level, they did give him thumbs up and said if he continues to act this way they will start moving him up the coma scale and give him better scores. He does have to be consistent though, so I remain prayerful for consistency!

In the afternoon, we went out to run some errands while I still had the rental and met up with Brian and Linda to get something to eat. When we got back, around 5:30 pm, Troy had vomited and moved a huge bowel on himself. It was really scary and shocking to walk into that. He was also having trouble breathing, almost as if he was gagging on the vomit. We immediately pressed the call button and I yelled for someone to get in there right away! After such a good morning with him and watching him reacting the way he was to the girls and me being there, it was just unbelievable what was happening! It was almost like day 1 all over again!

Two nurses rushed in and we left them to assess what was going on; so Brian, Linda, the girls and I went to the family lounge to keep ourselves busy and get away for a bit. We then came back around 7pm and they had cleaned him up and had already taken x-rays of his chest to ensure he hadn't aspirated any vomit into his lungs. I'm not 100% on what the x-rays showed (I should have a full report on that tomorrow when I speak with the doctor), the nurses did assure me that he was OK, but because of the bowel movement he had, the remote controlled monitored he had attached to all the probes on his chest had seemed to have gotten damaged (it was covered in fluids) and since they didn't have another one, they would have to put him back in ICU so he can be monitored directly by the machines on that floor.

Even though I know that moving him back to ICU doesn't mean he is regressing in his recovery, but this is just a step in the direction that takes me back to day one. But, I must say that I am comforted in knowing that Troy is under God's grace and nothing I do or say can change that fact. This is all happening on God's one else, so I must remain faithful and prayerful.

After they cleaned him up, I stayed with him while Brian and Linda brought the girls back to the apartment. I stood by his bed in the ICU and talked with him for a bit. I said my good nights and told him he was in good hands there. I said a prayer for him and left.

This was a really good day that turned scary at the end. The worst thing of all is, if he's still in ICU tomorrow, the girls might not be able to go in to see him before they leave. I am happy they did get to see him today; the girls were so happy to spend time with him and he also seemed to be receiving them very well, as well!


  1. So good that the girls got to see him and spend some time with him letting him know how much they love him. It sounds like he is being taken care of really well in there! My prayers are never away from you Joan and I am always thinking of Troy, you and the girls! ~HUGS~

    Love your LOSER friend
    Tina! ha ha ha

  2. God has not given us the spirit of fear but of love power and sound mind..GLORAYYYY..He will be fine Joan we have had to do that at the hospital I work out when there were no monitors but as soon as one came available we were able to get the patient out of ICU. It is good that his systems are doing well and he is becoming more and more alert. God is moving by his power..we are yet praying and watching God's handiwork..

    love you