Monday, May 10, 2010


Today was a busy day for Troy and I. It started with me deciding that I needed to be home with the girls and check out of the Hubbard House where I was staying (a house within walking distance of the hospital where I resided since the accident so I could keep a watchful eye on Troy).

I walked over to the hospital and was able to get right in to see him. I was in there with him, in and out, pretty much all interruptions, no nurses kicking me out. So that was nice. I had his iPod in his ear and I had the other one in my ear and we sat and listened to his music and downloaded podcast sermons he has recorded on there. Some of which we had already listened to before together so I sat there and talked with him about them...just as we had just a few weeks ago.

I also had a meeting with the hospital's social worker and the nurse case manager with Workers Comp today and it looks like they will be moving Troy to a rehab center next week. Right now it's not set in concrete, but it does in fact look like Troy will be at the Shepherds Center in Atlanta. I have done the research and this place is #1 in the nation as far as rehab places go. They have a 94% success rate in terms of recovery (compared to 74% in other similar rehabs) and I have also spoken to a few people that have recommended this place as the best place for him to be in. So, looks like this will be the one. It will be a temporary move for him. I get all the details of the location tomorrow morning when I meet with the liaison for the Shepherds Center.

Other than that, Troy was busy himself today too. He was pretty active today. Moving his left foot and leg a bit, he lifted his left arm once, and flickering of his eye lids and moving his eyes underneath his eyelids. No real purposeful movements, yet. All his movements are still spontaneous, but it sure is nice to see him moving around! He also spent about 5 hours in a recliner chair today. The nurses moved him off the bed to get him in a sitting position and in a bit more upright posture. Of course, they didn't warn me when I walked in there and saw him (so it was a shock at first), but it was pretty comforting to see him in a different position. Besides, I got to sit in a folded chair right next to him and kiss him and be able to be with him real up close. I'm too short for that hospital bed, so it was a nice change for me too - LOL.

He is getting the trache and G-tube (feeding tube) put in tomorrow afternoon.

I am home with the girls tonight. I will visit with Troy during the day and be home with the girls at night. This will be good for both of us. I do have to admit though, I have stopped dead in my tracks and broken down crying about 3 times tonight. Not around the girls, not for long, I just lost it for a little bit, just enough to gather my emotions and continue on. I miss him.

Brianna is so sweet. She walked in my room earlier tonight and asked me if I needed to be comforted to sleep. I told her that was very sweet of her and I would be OK, to which she replies "I don't mind comforting you until you fall asleep, mommy! Really, I don't mind at all!" *tears*

God has definitely blessed me with a beautiful husband that has helped me raise some beautiful kids!

Love you, Troy...see you soon :)


  1. I'm glad to hear that he is getting the best help right now. Im sure God will make that success rate 100%!

  2. you have a great support system in your girls! Don't forget that it is ok for them to know you are is normal! Praying that he continues to move around and make progress!


  3. Hey Joan you are doing a great job know we have our support here in NC. We plan to as many as possible when he moves come visit since we are closer when he is allowed visitors. THe Shepherds Center satisfaction surveys and patient outcomes are top notch . I commend you on deciding on a facility where Troy can receive the rehab he needs to recover fully. love you sweets..thanks for the update..we are praying continually..I know God is going to finish this work to completion...I speak strength to you and the kids right now in the name of Jesus that you may continue through this journey knowing God has already given us solution to all of Troy's needs...May the peace of God govern your rest sweetheart...