Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trache, G-Tube, and Rehab Centers

Troy had the tracheotomy and the G-tube put in today. I'm glad all the tape, tube and wires are out of his face, but it was very hard to watch that plastic thing coming out of his neck and tummy and to see that the trache was sewn in place. This makes everything more permanent. More real.

Some days are better than others. Today was a bad day for me - emotionally. I had 2 meetings with two different rehab facilities. We discussed the course of rehab that Troy needs. What the facilities offer and other important things for his recovery. After all of that, I spoke with the ICU doctor before leaving and he says if there is any hope of Troy ever waking up, it's going to be Shephard's Center that will be able to help him come out of this as they are the best place for his condition at the moment.

Of course, we are still at the mercy of worker's comp wanting to pay for it. But either way, I just pray that God gives the adjusters in charge of Troy's case at workers comp the discernment to do the right thing. I pray that God keeps His mighty hand in all of this, as He has been doing, and that everything remains under God's control - not man's!

I can almost feel myself dwindling away today. Planning my husband's future today was a lot harder than I ever imagined it would be. The good thing is that the main goal of both rehab centers is to get him back home with us! No matter what. So there is hope there.

I could sit here and type out how hard it was for me emotionally today, but I won't do that. I am guarding myself and remaining hopeful and prayerful that God will continue to work his Holy will in our family's lives.

Tyra is asking for him today and says she wishes she can go sleep with daddy at the hospital. That was heart crushing. Tomorrow will be a new day. I have been praying all afternoon and will continue to pray into the evening hours tonight.

Thanks to everyone for your support. I'll continue to keep everyone posted on a daily basis as things progress along.


  1. Joan stay strong and incouraged. You have the famlies love and support behind you every step of the way. You are one of a kind, and you are highly appreciated. We love you and keep your head up. We are all just a phone call away. Love you guys!


  2. Joan I am praying for your strength as well sweets..Nothing is permanent all things are temporary..I have seen many trach and g-tube patients recovery fully and all that tubing was removed...Nothing is permanent all temporary..God is the healer and he is going to make sure that the funding is in place for the stay at whatever rehab he has to go to..We believe God..the best is yet to come...love you...

  3. Stay strong hun! This is all temporary and HE will bring him home to you in due time. God is watching over all that is going on and healing Troy over time. I wish I could be there just to give you a big hug and help out. Know that you have a lot of prayer warriors watching out for you.
    Lots of love coming your way!

  4. Hi Joan,

    You don't know me but I know Troy from the Motor Cycle Clinic. I was one of the first people on the scene and stayed by Troy until the ambulances came. While waiting I prayed feverently over Troy because even though I was an EMT there wasn't alot I could do. But, to me prayer is the best tool.

    My church and I will continue to pray for you, Troy and all who are affected by this.

    A couple of versus I turn to.
    Habbakkuk 3:19
    Isaiah 40:28-31
    Psalm 107:13-15
    And my favorite.

    Grace and Peace be unto you

  5. Hi Joan! I continue praying in your families behalf, I believe that God will provide your family with the best solution. When I read your blog I let my father know what's going on. He tells me that he prays that God could give him an opportunity to better help you. I tell him just the fact he prays for you will be appreciated. Joan I'm soon going to send you a message on FB. God Bless! We Love You So Much!