Friday, May 28, 2010

I fell asleep on the couch when I got back to the room around 8:30 this evening and now that something woke me up, I'm having trouble going back to bed without writing out what happened tonight and keeping everyone updated. LOL.

Troy had a full day today. He was seen twice by each therapist today which is 30 minutes at a time by 3 therapists which totals 3 hours for the day! That is a lot of therapy for a comatose patient. They had originally told me that comatose patients are in the "coma stimulation" program which focuses on 1.5 hours of therapy a day, well today they worked him extra hard! He's a soldier though and he's a soldier first, man second (that's what I hear anyway) so he was a trooper and did really well with all of it. In one of his sessions with the physical therapist he was told to kick her hand twice and he did it, she also had him point his toe. At first he didn't do it, but then she told him "Look at my foot, Troy! Do what I'm doing!" And his eyes slowly rolled down and focused in on her foot and then he DID IT! I wasn't there to witness that or record it, they snuck out while I was having lunch so when I got back they were gone, but the therapist told me all about it when they got back and she was super excited, as was I!

I have never doubted from day one that Troy is definitely in there somewhere, he just needs to continue to heal and rest and let God heal his brain.

The mother of the boy in the room next to mine came in today to offer some encouragement as well. Her son fell from the side of a mountain 80 feet to the floor during a hiking trip in March. After 3 months, he's still in a coma but has started to follow commands pretty consistently and is more active by the week. She told me that at first her son too was like Troy, doing things one day, sleeping all day the next and so on. She told me to hold on to the hope and the faith I have. She says she hears me talking to Troy and praying with him and to keep doing that because he can hear me and he will get better. At first I was embarrassed anyone could hear me, but then I realized that I am also keeping others encouraged and God is sending all sorts of encouragement our way!

We have to stay focused and continue praying for continued healing. There is no miracle pill or miracle drug or miracle happening PERIOD without God's consent, it's all in God's timing and when He wills it to be so, it will happen. God's will is more comforting to me than any medicine they can ever give Troy because it's not coming from any earthly things, but from my Father above! And since it's coming from our Sovereign God, it's going to be perfect and that's exactly what Troy needs right now! I'm excited to see what God has planned! I patiently wait in prayer :)

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  1. praise God! daphne wants to give you teeny tiny cupcakes for you to enjoy. we love you and are praying fervently for your continued strength and reliance on our Sovereing God. love in His grace, jessica