Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's been too long since last update

Well, I can't believe that it's been almost three years since my last update on here - wow, how time flies! It was nice to go back and read some of my posts and the comments of encouragement and prayer that were being left for us. I also really enjoyed seeing how God's mercy and grace has covered our family during this difficult time. Well, since our last update I am happy to report that Troy continues to thrive well and getting stronger and stronger. He can now use a walker (and two people helping) and that's a huge improvement from the times where he could barely stand up on his own. We have been living in Kennesaw, GA now for almost two years and we love it up here. It's much closer to everything like the Shepherd Center, the gym for Troy's continued therapy, pharmacies, etcetera. We are also halfway between Raleigh (where Troy's family lives) and Orlando (where my family lives) so this is a happy medium. Best of all, the house is fully equipped for wheelchair accessibility so it has ramps at every entrance, bars by the commode and in the shower and a roll-in shower. It definitely makes our lives much easier and helps Troy feel a bit more independent. We still have caregivers come help us, but not on a 24 hour basis anymore. It's nice not having a stranger in the house 24/7, but it's also nice because the team now is much smaller and we have all become very close. Thank you for all the prayers and words of encouragement during a time in my life where I felt so alone and scared. Troy is truly a testament to what faith and prayer can really do and the fact that miracles DO in fact happen! We continue to praise God for all He's done for us and how better Troy is and will continue to be. I will try to periodically come in here and post updates to keep everyone informed on how he's doing. Love you all, Troy, Joan, Brianna and Tyra.