Thursday, March 10, 2011

Troy and Tyra "monkeying" around

A cute video of Troy playing with Tyra at home. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, having Troy home is truly a blessing! We are a family again and things are finally settling in to a bit of a routine. Having him home for the holidays was great. We all sat around the tree opening presents on Christmas eve and I was overjoyed to see that God granted us another chance at US and I am not ever going to take that for granted!

Troy now goes to therapy 2 times a week, sometimes 3. His therapy week now consists of 2 weekly sessions with the occupational therapist, 2 sessions with the physical therapist and one session a week in the pool. I had the opportunity to attend a training session with him for a pool session and it's basically him doing exercises with his legs under the water and walking with the help of a walker and a person holding him. It also helps him work on his balance without the feeling that he's going to fall over because the water serves as a cushion to help him gain his balance without feeling like he's not being supported. It was very informative. Eventually, I'll have to take him to a local community pool and do the therapy sessions with him myself. That's why the therapist wanted me to come along and learn how to do it.

Also, I wanted to update on the Poker Run done for Troy by Motorcycle Clinic. It was awesome to see Troy interacting with all his friends, customers and even strangers that came by to support him! The love and support we saw that day was immeasurable and such a blessing! Troy was so happy he kept tearing up of happiness. The run raised a little over $3,000! It was awesome!

I really don't know how we would have made it this far without all the support, both financial and emotional, we have received in these past 7 months. The prayers, the checks that are still coming in, the cards, letters and emails that I receive on a weekly basis are what keep me going. Really, God has put us in a position to be surrounded by so much love and support that there is no way that we could ever not be ok!

Things in the Walker home have definitely changed, some for the worst, some for the better, but having all you loving people by our side and God illuminating our footsteps along the way makes this journey that much easier. We are truly blessed.