Saturday, May 29, 2010

Troy had a pretty alert day today. He kept his eyes open pretty much all day today. It was good talking with him and interacting with him while he had his eyes open. I don't know how much of me he's really noticing or seeing, but at one point I was sitting close to him at eye level, talking to him and I noticed his pupils dilate while he was staring at me. I took that as a sign that he was trying to focus on me so that was reassuring.

Other than that it was pretty quiet morning and early afternoon. When they put him in bed I had the basketball game going on the TV for him and he seemed to keep his eyes fixed on the TV screen.

Another nice thing was to see him moving his right leg around this evening! He moved it around quite a bit and folded it under him and once he got comfortable he stopped moving it. That was good to see since he hasn't really moved that leg much since the accident.

I'm encouraged by the new things he seems to be doing every day or so. Thank you for all the prayers and please keep the prayers going. Troy will be back with us soon :)

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