Sunday, May 2, 2010

We'll never be the same again...

After today, my life, our lives, will never be the same.

I called Troy at about 11:23AM today to see if he wanted some pizza, since I was taking the girls to Cici's Pizza for lunch. He said no, he was working so we went without him. (I knew that, I just felt bad eating and not knowing if he had eaten or not.)

12:40PM. Me and the girls are done eating. We are about 800 feet from his job. I stop at the intersection, for a split second, and debate on whether to turn towards his job to go visit him as a surprise. I make the decision not to since he'll be home in about 2 hours anyway. I turn right, East bound on 192, headed home.

I'm almost home. I send him a text at about 12:50PM telling him something funny Tyra said while in the car on the way home and he promptly replies "LOL".

At 1:13PM I pull into the garage at the house and as I'm walking in to the house through the garage door, I see Troy calling my phone. I think to myself "I hope he doesn't want me to drive all the way back to his job for food", but had already prepared myself to turn back around and get him something to eat - because I wouldn't have it any other way. Troy is hungry...he needs me.

I answer the phone. It's Joey on the other line. Joey is a jokester so I thought "What is Joey doing with Troy's phone?" I figured just to play a prank on me. This was no prank! All I heard was Joey telling me that Troy had gotten into an accident on a bike. He was breathing. But he was being airlifted to ORMC.

My heart stopped....

Next thing I remember....

Andy, our Pastor, was on the other end of my cellphone line. Hope, the Pastor's wife, got the girls for me so I wouldn't have to worry for their care. Indhira, my best friend, drove me half way to the hospital when I thought I couldn't drive any more. I leave my car at her church, where I met up with her.

It's a blur when I walk into the ER. I ask for Troy Walker. There is no Troy there. They ask how he got there. I say by air ambulance. The chaplain is called. Andy is still not there yet. My heart is racing. I feel sick to my stomach and I feel faint. They ask me to identify him because his ID isn't with him and before I go back to see him, they want to make sure they have the right person. I say 5'11", black man, tattoos all down his left arm, the names of his mother and daughter - Charlene and Makia - tattooed on his right arm. They eventually sit me down and tell me what happened. Andy gets there, they take us back to see him.

It's Troy. The image of how he looked on that stretcher will be engraved in my mind forever. I knew then God was with me. I was confused on why I felt so calm. I didn't cry. I asked questions. I stared at him. I just stood there. I couldn't figure out how I managed to keep my composure. But I will say it was only by the grace of God I didn't lose it on the spot. That was the most horrible thing I have ever had to go through in my entire life.

Next thing I know, he's in ICU. They let me back to see him...and this is where Troy's recovery story begins.

It's going to be OK. God brought us together 8 years ago for a reason...and this is it. This is our test. We have to pass this test together. Throughout our relationship, Troy and I have been studying and taking notes for a time such as this.

This is going to be the test of patience, love and faith.


  1. We are with you mama we love you and our praying for all of you!

  2. I cant say I now how you felt, BE strong, My prayer are with you to be strong, CRY, dont hold back; CRY OUT LOUD, GOD WILL LISTEN

  3. I have cold chills...I am sitting here in class reading this and you guys..hang in there. God is with you, every step of the way..You are in our thoughts and prayers always!

    Crystie, David and Aiden

  4. Hey Joan, I've met Troy at shop and talked with him while visiting with the guys and talking about cycles. I am praying for Troy and your family,and just lit a candle. Almighty God be with
    you,and bless Troy with his power. You will all remain in thoughts and prayers. Sincerely,

  5. Thank you everyone for the prayers. It's amazing how many friends Troy and I have! Hugs~