Sunday, May 9, 2010

Today was a better day for Troy (well, for me...he's too busy taking a nap to notice anything going on...LOL)

Although I was sad to see Tim (Troy's dad) go back home today, it was nice to see that his mom, brother, sister and kids and his best friend Lloyd were able to make it in to see him and spend some time with Troy today.

He is still in a coma and still on life support, but he is actually doing most of the breathing for the ventilator. His heart rate stayed pretty good the whole day, his respiratory rate stayed at about 15 to 18 today, which is good.

The nurse even mentioned that some of his movements aren't so much reflexes anymore, some of them are now starting to be considered to be spontaneous movements. That only means that the swelling and bruising around his brain stem is beginning to dissipate so we are now seeing more natural reactions of the brain.

This was all great news. The only downside to all of this is that even though he can almost breathe on his own, he still has to wake up. That part of his recovery is still in progress. I, of course, am staying positive and trusting in the Lord to continue to work with Troy and do His mighty and holy will.

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