Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Therapy Started Today

Troy had 1.5 hours of therapy today. There was a speech therapist, physical therapist and an occupational therapist do therapy with him in the room for 30 minutes each. They got him up out of bed and into his wheelchair and did different things with him. Tried to arouse him, but to no avail. He was hardly even responding to pain, but they also told me that it could have been due to the changing of rooms that he went through yesterday. They reminded me that people with brain injuries tire very easily, so the most minimal amount of stress on them will cause them to be extremely tired.

So, with that in mind, it probably also explains why he hardly opened his eyes or moved around much today. That's usually what I like to see, but I know he's in there somewhere. He's breathing really well with the trache and he did open his eyes twice today when they were moving him around and once when they shifted him from one side to another.

I am a huge part of the therapy; and that is very exciting for me. They had me help putting him into and getting him out of the bed; I also helped with shifting him from side to side. He has to be repositioned every 4 hours to avoid skin breakdown from laying in one position for too long, so the nurses were teaching me how to do it without hurting myself, or him, so that when I have to do this on my own I know how to do it and won't be so scared or intimidated. I must admit, I am just taking to this like a duck to water and I am realizing that nursing is definitely comes natural to me!

They started him on the neuro stimulant Provigil yesterday but since the doctor is not seeing the results he would have liked to see within 24 hours of Troy receiving his 100mg dose, the doctor has ordered to give him 200mg of it tomorrow morning. I'm excited to see what the higher dose will do for Troy.

Overall, today was a good day emotionally for me. I feel my strength getting stronger and stronger by the day. I had a bad day yesterday, but I feel recharged today and ready to tackle whatever God puts in my way. I know the prayers are also helping and the messages everyone is leaving on my Facebook page and on the comments here on the blog page are also keeping me encouraged.

Thank you very much to everyone that takes the time to remind me I'm not alone in this battle and that continues to reassure me when I need it the most. Hugs~


  1. Joan you or Troy are never alone, we all know God is on this journey with you and Troy. we are all here praying everyday never forgetting. we here at the shop (Motorcycle Clinic) could not forget if we even wanted to, Troy is all around us here everyday, not a single hour of our day goes by without a customer asking about Troy. Joan we miss Troy as you do we want him back as you do we pray for his complete recovery as you do. we are remaining postive and trusting in our Lord to heal Troy and bring him back to all of those of us who love him. Sending prayers up all the time everyday for or friend, brother, husband, dad, son, co-worker Troy in Gods Holy name we all pray. Amen

  2. Joan,
    I am always happy to read the good news every morning!!!! We miss you all so much. Everyone is the neighborhood is praying for Troy. I am constantly asking people to pray for him every day. Troy is being prayed for all over the world at this points. God is a healer and a redeemer. He is going to heal Troy's body and it is all going to be Great!!!!! We are also praying for your continued strength. You are truly a virtous woman the one that is spoken of in Proverbs 31:10-31. You are full of strength, efficiency, ability and truth.

    We love and miss you all!!!!!
    Ron, Monica and Cre(Your neighbors)

  3. the Lord uses our trials to strengthen us and conform us to His character. your good days and bad days will be used to glorify Him through your growth in spiritual maturity and He is definately using you and your family in a mighty way as a testament to His providence and grace. we love you and are praying for you.

    because He reigns,
    jessica and omar

  4. Joan, our prayers and good wishes are with Troy and you and your sweet children. We're neighbors (7126) and have always admired your
    lovely family from afar. We will keep you all in our prayers and thoughts.
    Werner and Elli

  5. Joan,
    I wanted to let you know that I am still planning the benefit car wash for Troy!!!! I got with some neighbors last night and everyone is on deck. We are just waiting to here back from Harmony to see if they will allow us to do it!!!! Everyone is ready to give you all whatever you need. Please don't be bashful or shy!!!!!!! Glad to hear that Troy is doing well!!!! We love and miss you all very much.

    The entire Red Lantern Drive family!!!!!!!