Thursday, June 17, 2010

Well, the five pins came out today and Troy did really well. So his hand should be fully functional. We'll know more once he can start therapy on it, which should be right away. He has no screws in his hand, the pins were just holding his hand in place while it healed.

He was very groggy and spent the entire day in bed resting. He didn't eat lunch or dinner, so they fed him an ensure through his feeding tube.

The nurses reassure me tomorrow he will be in better spirits :)

It's been a long day! But God is so good and I'm keeping my focus on Him!


  1. Awesome news Joan!!!! I am happy to hear that Troy is progressing so well. We really miss you all very much!!!! Tell Troy Armani said hello and to get home soon before he stops talking. LOL!!! We are still praying for you guys and know that all will work out for the glory of God.


  2. LOL @ Armani talking! Girl, please, if that dog starts talking I'LL be the one in the hospital! haha. Make sure when you guys come to visit you try to bring Armani with you. I'm sure Troy would LOVE to see him! LOL