Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today was a good day. Troy had his eyes open pretty much all day again. Seeing him with his eyes open really feeds my hope that he'll continue to emerge from the coma soon!

The therapy sessions also went well. They showed me a few things to do with him during the day, but they also advised me not to give him too many commands or ask too much of him right now. So, I kept the commands simple. "Troy, can you squeeze my hand?" "Troy, can you kick your leg?" "Troy, can you follow this picture?" So far he's not following any of those commands like he should be, but that gives you an idea of the things they ask of him. On some of them, like the following a picture one, he does sometimes or might have a delayed reaction too, but that is to be expected and they reassure me that with time he will be doing everything they ask, on command.

I am learning so much. Tonight I pretty much got him ready for bed on my own. The tech was there to help me, of course, but I am getting more comfortable with handling him and more comfortable with his weight. They say he weighs 161 lbs...it feels more like 361! Phew! LOL.

God will bring Troy back to us on His time, so in the meantime I'm enjoying caring for him and watching him get better week by week. Troy has already come a long way since May 1st. He still has a very long road ahead, but there isn't anything God can't do and my faith remains unshaken. I continue to pray that God continues working His holy will and continues to give me endurance and strength to make it through the days, weeks, months we have ahead of us.


  1. Just think how strong you are getting lifting him to take care of him! ha ha

    He is making great progress and I cannot be happier to hear that. Soon Joan, soon he will awake fully!

    Tina and the girls

  2. Thanks Tina! And yeah, no kidding! I am definitely building up my back and arm muscles. LOL

  3. Joan.. Pudding.. :) I Love You Girl!! I Can't wait to tell Troy about all your adventures haha We Love You!

  4. what a woman! praise be to God for your endurance and strength! we will continue to pray for all of you. the Lord's will be done!
    because He reigns supreme,

  5. Joan,
    It was nice talking to you briefly last night. I am happy to know that Troy is continously making progress. We are ready for you all to come home...we miss seeing you guys so much. Continue to be strong and God bless.

    Ron, Monica and Cre

  6. Its so good to get gr8 news, and to see how GOD works on us all in strange manners, this event as sadlly as it is has a purpose that GOD will tell us one day. I thank God for his kindness and for working with you all.
    Dios los Bendiga y espero algun dia poder volver hablar con el... MIS ORACIONES ESTAN CONTIGO

  7. Joan,
    John talked to Brian yesterday, for the first time in a while, so we just found out what happened. We now live in North Carolina and have been kind of out of touch. Troy is a good friend. We will be thinking of you both - and your family, and keeping all of you in our prayers. We are only about 2 1/2 hours from Atlanta, so if we can do anything, please let us know. John's cell is 352-552-8190.
    Sandi and John Hawk