Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Today was a busy day for Troy and I. It started this morning with me walking in to his room while they were replacing his casts on his legs. Then he was able to rest for about an hour before being taken out of bed and wheeled over to the gym for an hour and half of physical therapy and occupational therapy. He did really well today. They had him on the bike and also had him sitting on the mat. While on the mat they leaned him over to his left and propped him up on his elbow. The therapist told him to sit himself straight up and, after much coaxing, he started pushing up on his left arm. It was really neat to watch! God is doing great things in Troy's recovery and I am blessed to be here and witness God's work!

The rest of the day was me just being with him. I talked to him, had the TV on in his room and talked to him about what was going on on the TV, reading my book to him, showing him pictures of the girls. We had a really good time together. He was alert for most of it, for the rest of it he wasn't -- but then again Troy was never very alert at home when I was talking to him, so I expect that. LOL. (just kidding)

Also, it looks like now we aren't moving after all. Ugh! This is so crazy with the ups and downs and being all over the place. Today, after speaking with the case manager at the hospital, I find out that because Troy isn't a Georgia resident they can not release him to a nursing facility in GA, they will have to send him to a facility near my home. Once he wakes up, he will then come back to GA and at that time things will pretty much start all over for me. So, for now I am holding off on the moving until he wakes up. Once he wakes up, I'll worry about all these extra details at that time. I am happy about that though because, in a way, that takes off the stress of me worrying about finding the right place to live near a good church and good schools, right now. I will keep everyone posted though in the event I do end up needing to move in the future. Thank you for everyone that put the time into emailing me or emailing others and getting me offers of homes for me to stay here in GA. The outpouring of support is overwhelming and it brought me to tears when I woke up this morning and I saw how much love and support is out there for me and my family!!

Now, the other option is that if he does in fact wake up or make a marked improvement before the 23rd, they will extend his time at the hospital here and I can then consider the move at that time, and go from there. For now, I just need to put that on the back burner and refocus my energy in the right direction which is getting back home to my girls and making sure Troy is taken care of.

This was a huge day for me, many decisions and considerations to be taken and made, and I am thankful that the Lord answered my prayers and gave me clarity to see things for what they really are and what the Lord wants me to do.

I continue to thank God for being by my side through this entire ordeal. In my darkest moments, when I feel that I am all alone, I know I am not. I know God is with me and I see it every day with the messages I read from friends and family letting me know they are here for me as well. Love you guys!

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  1. Joan,
    You are such a strong woman. I got tickled pink after reading your comment about Troy not being alert when you talked to him at home. LOL. You still have humor and thats awesome. Maybe I can get Armani(our pug)to hold a conversation with Troy when you all get home. Troy always thought he looked like he was going to say something to him LOL. Well I am happy that God has showed his presence once again as always and that he is directing your path. All will work out for you and your families greater good. Troy is making progress and for that we are all grateful. He will wake up and we will have a great celebration in the Lord.