Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Today was another great day for Troy! The speech therapist wanted to see how Troy did with taking some grape juice with ice chips from a spoon, so she fed him some of that and Troy continued, time after time, to open his mouth when the spoon would touch his lip and he would suck on the spoon and swallow. She then decided to try pudding and see how he would take that, he ate pudding too! It was amazing to watch! Of course, she again reiterated to me that he would have to be consistent and continue doing this, but she felt that he really was doing it consistent enough from yesterday to today and how much he really took in! She fed him about half a pudding cup and he drank about 6 spoonfuls of grape juice. THEN, to top it all off, she puts a straw in a cup of icy water and he sucked up a bit of water and swallowed that! She was amazed at how easily he was doing all these things. So Troy was definitely showing off today! Praise God!

So, God's glory was witnessed today in that therapy gym at Shepherd Center! What a great testimony! Just 4 weeks ago the doctors were talking about harvesting his organs, here we are today with Troy doing amazing things and proving doctors wrong! God is an awesome God and I am so grateful for what He has done so far with Troy!

Also, to add to all of this improvement today, he has started moving his right hand. He has not moved that hand or arm much since the accident. Today, he has been balling up his hand in a fist! I would open his hand (for fear that maybe the tendons are pulling tight and his hands are beginning to go into hypertonicity) and he would ball his fist up again. I spend most of the afternoon and evening massaging and flexing his hand to make sure he keeps it nice and flexible and loose. I will talk to the physical therapist about that tomorrow. Hopefully they won't have to cast his hands up now, which they'll do if they feel he will begin to get tight like his feet are.

Furthermore, Troy has now upgraded to wearing the cast only at night now on his left leg. What they did was cut his cast, very neatly, and then velcro the two pieces together with duct tape and makeshift hinges so he can use it, sort of like a boot, to sleep in, only at night. So, during the day they will leave his left foot with no cast and only put the brace on at night to make sure he keeps that flexibility in that tendon in his leg.

So, as you can read, there was a lot going on today. Thank you for your continued prayers and please continue to pray that God keeps on doing his will in healing Troy in his time.

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  1. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome news!!!! You should try giving Troy some of those Carolina BBQ chips that he loves. He will be running back to Florida in no time. Lol!!!!! I am so glad to see God working on Troy. As you said Doctors here on earth don't always have the answers!!! Dr. God can change prognosis and allow full recovery. We all just have to keep the faith and keep praying.

    God is Love,