Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today was a fairly calm day for Troy. He was very sleepy all day, which is to be expected with brain injuries. He's been fairly alert these past few days, today, I could barely get him to keep his eyes open. But that's OK. He needs his rest -- with rest comes recovery. So, needless to say, I did a lot of reading today. *smiles*

Also, he had both his legs put in casts today. This is to keep his feet from hypertonicity which is an increased tension of the muscles in the legs. This is caused from the lack of movement and stretching of the legs, as happens when we walk in our normal day to day activities, and laying with his feet pointed forward. What will happen, with time, is that the tendons in his legs and calves will begin to tighten, from lack of use, causing his toes to point and curl downward. This is very painful and also inhibits walking when he wakes up from the coma. So, they typically will cast the feet and ankles in fiberglass casting in comatose patients up to below the knee to help keep his feet at a 90 degree angle.

Other than that, he is doing really well with the "button" on his trache and breathing and swallowing pretty well. He doesn't always remember to swallow and will sometimes go into a coughing fit and gagging on his saliva, but he then realizes what's going on and starts to swallow again. It's all a learning process from here on out. He's getting the hang of things fairly well :)

All this week I have been thinking about our wedding vows and how, many times, we take those words, which we swore to in front of God, for granted. "In sickness and in health" - wow, those words take on a whole new meaning for me from here on out.

Thank you, Lord for blessing me with this man and with the strength to do what You called me to do for him, in the good AND in the bad!

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