Monday, June 14, 2010

Today was huge, in so many ways! Troy kicked on command 3 times in a row with the physical therapist and the occupational therapist put a toothbrush in his splint (in the position where he could get it in his mout) and after the therapist showed him how to do it twice with no response from him, on the third try she said "OK Troy, now you do it. Brush your teeth, Troy!" and he raised his left arm and put the brush in his mouth! Neither one of us expected it because we have been working with him to do so many other much simpler things and he wouldn't. To watch God work like that was amazing! Also, while working with the speech therapist he focused on his face when put in front of the mirror. That is a step up on the JFK coma scale. Before today Troy was a 6 out of 23 possible points. He went up one point today so he's now a 7! Again, all the praise and glory goes to God! This recovery is all about celebrating the tiny victories because collectively they will make Troy whole again and bring him back home to us!

So, we have a medical conference with the doctor tomorrow and hopefully the doctor will give me a definite answer if they are extending Troy's stay at Shepherd. They will access him 2 weeks at a time, but any extension means he is headed in the right direction and the doctor feels he can work with him!

Thank you all for the prayers and sorry for not posting yesterday. I am staying at a friend's brother and his wife's home and I have not quite settled in completely yet. I'm actually posting this blog with my phone so please excuse me if there are any typos :)

God has placed Troy in this wonderful place, blessed us with wonderful children, family, church family and friends, and I am thankful to Him everyday for blessing us with all of this!


  1. What a great update Joan!! SO HAPPY to hear how well he is doing!

    Love Tina and the girls

  2. This is fantastic!! Prayers, prayers and more prayers are still being said!! It just warms my heart to read of his progress!!!


  3. wonderful our Lord and Savior is awesome i am praying for both you and Troy. tell him cousin Sheila cant wait to talk to him that we all miss and love him and to Wake up soon . love and prayers sheila

  4. Hi Joan:
    WOW tears came out as a read this , ALELUYA, Ill keep praying for him and your family, GR 8 NEWS.
    Hiram Muniz Senior

  5. "To the one who delights in the sovereignty of God the clouds not only have a 'silver lining' but they are silver all through, the darkness only serving to offset the light!" ~A.W. Pink

    we love you guys!

  6. Joan ,,we are keeping the faith with you as well...Praise God. Chip