Friday, October 8, 2010

2 Week Update 9/25 - 10/8

It has been a hectic two weeks in my world, but I'm happy to report that Troy has been trucking long and doing really well in his therapies. The therapists continue to love working with him because he's such a huge participator in his own recovery.

Last weekend we finally got out outing with Troy. The girls and I got there about 11am and got Troy ready to go out with us. For this particular outing, I was given the option of taking the nurse with me, or not, I wanted it to be Troy, the girls and I, so I opted for no nurse. I got Troy loaded up into the car and broke the wheelchair down to fit in the trunk. I realized at this moment how a bigger car is definitely going to be needed, but nonetheless, I was elated to have him out with us so I didn't care. I crammed us all in and away we went. I asked him where he wanted to go, he said he didn't care (like always - lol - nice to know things haven't changed) So, we ended up at Chili's. I don't have a handicapped sticker for the car yet so the parking arrangement was very interesting, but we made it work.

Troy ate like a horse! It was awesome to see him so happy being out with the girls and I. I did notice, though, that after about 20 minutes of us being at the restaurant he was getting very edgy, almost irate at times. Regardless, we had a great time out. Also, to make things even better, Troy's dad surprised us from NC! He called that he was in town and he met us at the Chili's. Troy was happy to see him.

The rest of the weekend went great! We took Troy to the mall so I could buy him some winter clothes to wear for these colder months and then we went by the hospital to pick up his nurse so I could bring Troy home to see the house. He couldn't spend the night with us, but I wanted him to at least see the house, his dad was excited about that too. I was nervous at first though, it wasn't in the plans, but I knew God would help me and guide us to do the right thing. When he got to the house the first thing he said was "The house is huge and where's my toolbox?"

We showed him his toolbox then brought him inside. He was in awe at the house and remembered the TV and couches. The funny thing was that he didn't remember his computer. He asked to see his laptop and when we got it for him, he was adamant that wasn't the one he had. Anywho, all in all, it was great having him here. I can't wait til I can bring him home on the weekends to spend nights with us!

Other than that he's doing really well. He's still a bit confused at times and gets agitated and very mean when he's tired, but it's all a matter of me recognizing the signs and knowing when he's had enough.

Thank you so much for the continued prayers. God is working miracles in Troy's life and I am grateful every day for giving Troy another chance at life, another chance to be with his family!

This Sunday will be our 7 year wedding anniversary and I've been praising God all this week for giving us another chance at another year together. This anniversary almost didn't happen...I will cherish this one the most!


  1. This blog just brought tears to my eyes. You both look incredible! To God be the glory for the things he has done.

  2. I have cried like crazy but this time of happyness, GOD has truly listen to us, to Troy a big hug, and please pardon my son, belive me the impact that Troy has made in his life will last a lifetime, DIOS TE BENDIGA AMIGO!