Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update for Week of 9/20 - 9/24

Spoke with the Counselor on Friday about Troy's recovery and goals for the next few weeks.

We had some concerns with Troy because he has been really depressed lately and really doubting himself and his reason for being here. His family, his friends and I have been talking with him trying to keep him encouraged, but his brain, as it heals, is also backfiring and sending signals to his emotions that are very confusing. So, to help him get through this healing phase the doctor's have prescribed an anti-depressant for him. They had originally started him on 10mg, but since it doesn't seem to be helping and he has gained some weight they are having to look at the dose again and possibly up the dose a bit more. The medicine will balance the neurotransmitters which will help with the transmitting of information from his brain to the rest of his body.

In the meantime, the counselor asks that we validate what he says. Not just try to blow it off. Validate it by acknowledging what he's going through and how he must feel, but not dwell on the fact and not encourage the feelings. He's also been getting stuck on thoughts, emotions, feelings. To help him through this the counselor also suggested that when he keeps repeating over and over a certain topic to change the conversation and distract him in anyway possible. So far, this has been working just fine.

She assured me that this phase can be brief and, after a while, he will stop being stuck on certain topics and emotions. In the meantime, we are to empower him by telling him he's still a father that needs to raise his children and that he's still a husband that needs to be there for his wife. By empowering him, it gives him something to focus on and to channel the frustrations he goes through in the right direction by giving him something to work towards.

Also spoke with the physical therapist and she advised me that Troy is making good progress and gaining increased strength in his legs. He is walking 230 feet with a front wheeled walker with 5lb weights on both sides of the walker and rear wheel brakes to provide some resistance (drag) on the back of the walker which slows the walker down. He is able to walk with therapist providing 25% of the assistance and he can do the rest. He still has difficulty with his right leg crossing over the leg but with verbal reminders he is able to correct the step. The crossing over of the leg has to do with his brain not sending the correct message to the ride side of his body and he forgets how to step with that leg. It will take time as the neurons repair themselves and get themselves back to where he can walk straight without a problem or without forgetting his leg is there and taking steps the way he's supposed to.

Troy also has been complaining about his vision. He is convinced that he has astigmatism and that's why he sees double and blurry. The occupational therapist advised me that they have given Troy some exercises to do with his eyes to help correct some of this and if in 6 months after the accident (November 1st) he still has this problem, they will, at that time, call in an optometrist to look him over and prescribe glasses, if needed.

In other OT news, he is really working diligently towards his goals. He is compliant with the splint wearing schedule of the new splint OT has fabricated to help maintain range of motion in his right wrist/hand. He is performing self range of motion exercises, strengthening tasks, and working with his emerging range of motion in his right upper extremity. Last Thursday, he initiated using the computer to make a list of tips and reminders to recall ways to increase independence when he is bathing.

All the therapists' tell me he is such a hard worker and a joy to work with in therapy.

Please continue the prayers for his recovery and that he continues to heal and become closer to the Troy we all know and love! I remain faithful and prayerful that God will continue to do His holy will. The timing is all perfect, so far, and everything is falling into place as it should.

To God be all the glory! Thanks to everyone for your continued support :)

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