Monday, October 25, 2010

Troy's text today

Troy just sent an awesome text and I wanted to post it on here to share with those he doesn't have their number or who didn't receive it.

This is the beginnings of Troy's testimony:

"I remember driving my honda, one day,. And having these crazy doubts about the existance of God, silly i know guys, the .next thing you know i wake up at shepard center not knowing how to speak. i am at now, i remember them from shepard center guys. GOD is real. Christ paid tbe price, willingly. If not, i would not be here to tell you. Ifyou.are confused, rent the movie Gospel of J ohn . Or call me and i will.explain...this just might save.some your lives. I should be dead and gone. But i have more work to do..............."

Excuse the grammatical errors, but I wanted to copy and paste it just the way he sent it so I wouldn't alter any words he wrote.

Praise God for Troy!


  1. Amazing! He gets it. He is a miracle!

  2. Truly awesome, I'm sure you have many things left to do in Gods plans.

  3. This is awesome and yes God is Real. God has a plan for you Troy. It's to tell others about the goodness of God.