Saturday, October 30, 2010

Glasses for Troy

Well, Troy had his eye doctor's appointment this week; the eye doctor did a very thorough evaluation of Troy's eyes. She said that he benefited from prescription lenses in her report. She mentioned that his eye alignment is off since his appointment. She stated that he did have jerky movements and double vision of equal size in all areas of gaze. During peripheral field testing, she noted an inferior field loss of the right eye and a slight nasal field loss in the left eye. His ability to use his eyes together has been impacted. Basically what all this means is that his eyes don't work together.

Typically, the eye doctor trialed prism lenses to help fuse images into one image. She trialed these during his appointment and they did not benefit Troy at this time. She wrote a prescription for glasses to correct acuity issues and recommended using tape on them at this time. She gave him several eye exercises that we have added to what he has already been doing for his vision. She also has recommended that he follow up in 6 months.

So, although all of this sounds like Chinese talk to me right now, at least it gave me an idea of Troy's visual condition and by Troy wearing these glasses it will eventually strengthen his eyes enough so that then the doctor can work on the other defects he's having with his vision.

The blessing in all of this is that Troy has vision, period! With the cranial nerve damage he has, he came very close to being blind and God covered Troy against that! Praise God for being a merciful God and so full of grace!

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  1. This is all wonderful news to me Joan. I know what Troys condition could have been like, so i praise God for every ability that he has. We miss you guy so much. We will be in Atlanta for the Thanksgiving holiday. Hopefully we will have an opportunity to reunite with you all. Tell Troy Armani(our dog) said hi. LOL.

    Love you guys,
    Ron, Monica, Cre and Armani