Thursday, September 16, 2010

Discharge Date Set for Pathways

Troy has been doing really well at Pathways. He's taken on to the new staff and has been doing really well getting along with the other patients there. He did have a personality conflict with his "home care" nurse, so I had to call and have someone else come out to be with him today, but so far, he's been happy with the new nurse.

I received an email letting me know that Troy's discharge date at Pathways is set for 11/26/2010. So, as of right now, that will be his day to come home and he will then fall into another step-down therapy session, but he will be living at home and just doing therapy on an outpatient basis, where I will have to drive him to his therapy sessions. At that point, I don't know if he'll still be with Shepherd or if they will find a facility closer to the house.

At that point, we'll see what happens. The workers' comp case manager is advocating to keep him with the Shepherd therapy system so I'm happy about that. Shepherd has done so well with Troy and he has definitely come a long way!

God continues to heal him and bless our family. Thanks to everyone for all the prayers and supports!


  1. thank you joan for allowing us to continue to hear how the Lord is working in your lives. may the LORD continue to give you all His strength and hope.
    Proverbs 17:17 we love you guys!

  2. So thankful for the progress! We are praising the Lord with you!

    Kelly and Corey Roy
    Dalton, GA

  3. God is awesome and worthy to be praised. As Jessica stated...thanks for allowing us to continue to read about Troy's recovery. I gain strenth and willingness to continue in my Christian walk everytime I read your blog.

    We love and miss you guys dearly.