Monday, September 13, 2010

Our first weekend visit with Troy at Pathways

Well, Troy's first few days seemed to have gone well. He is a bit confused and agitated at times, but with a bit of persistence, patience, and love on my part and he responds and bounces back, fairly well. He is mostly disappointed at the fact that he can't come home with us. As much as we made it clear to him that at Pathways he would have to stay there during the week and only be able to come home on the weekends, after I went through some more training, he still doesn't understand it and doesn't like having to stay there AT ALL!

The staff is very nice and friendly and his home health care nurse are very good to him and he likes the constant company, even if he prefers me. He remains polite to everyone and now that I have given him his phone back, he calls me countless times through out the day. This is working out great though, because he can feel like he has me right by his side, even though, physically, I'm not able to there like I used to be.

So far, I haven't heard from the doctors and therapists this week on how his 2 days of therapy went, but I'm sure these days were just "getting to know" Troy days, so they won't have much to report anyway. I'm sure next Friday will be filled with all sorts of good news and new breakthroughs in his recovery.

Thanks to everyone for your patience this week as I went from a public page to a private page. This way, I can slowly start to integrate pictures of Troy and not feel like I'm putting his face out on the internet with no privacy filters, whatsoever!

The Walker family continues to remain grateful to everyone's support and I continue to remain faithful to God and can't wait to hear Troy's testimony!!

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